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Today’s Grammar Correction Software addresses a long list of grammar issues that admittedly pose a challenge for students and professional writers alike.  However one area that has been given very little if any attention is proper homonym usage based on context.

With so many different ways to commit grammatical errors in the English language, sometimes  software programs must specialize in a particular area.  So far there is no one grammar correction tool that addresses all the possible fields of proper grammar in one package.

For example, if you spell check the sentence, “Eye wont two go home.” there is a good chance that your spell checker will tell you that the spelling and grammar check is complete with no errors found!

Quite obviously, though, there are errors in this sentence which should read “I want to go home.”  While all instances of misused homonyms are not as blatant as our example here, there are enough homonym errors in print today to definitely make a case for the need of homonym grammar correction software.

If you have been following the progress in this market, you will recall that back in late 2006 a patent was filed for a  software program  that scanned a Word document for homonym errors and offered corrections based on context.  This was truly a breakthrough.

Since then several other companies have made their products available that address the area of homonym correction and other specialized areas of grammar correction.  While some of these products contain several grammar correction tools in one program, just as it is unrealistic to expect to find a doctor that is a specialist in all fields of surgery and medicine, one should not expect to find one grammar correction software tool that addresses all areas of grammar.

The best approach continues to be specialization.  For spelling, you would use a spell checker; for proper homonym usage you would use a homonym checker.  Doing a Google search for the specific grammar tools you need (such as “homonym checker” or “spell checker”, “punctuation”, “subject-verb agreement” etc.) will give you a good list of products to choose from.

The grammar correction software, Homonym Words Dictionary, however, was the first to specifically target the homonym problem and eliminate it absolutely. Since its inception, other products have attempted to follow the leader but Homonym Words Dictionary continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest. It checks any Word document for proper homonym usage based on context.

When it encounters the same problem sentence used earlier (I wont two go home.), it will, with minimal input from the user, highlight the homonym errors, and then prompt the user to delete and replace the misused homonym with the correct one, all based on context! The user ends up with the corrected sentence which reads, “I want to go home.”

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